Lighting Effects

  • Uplighting: WOW

    Your guests and family as they gaze upon your head table or the entire venue lit up with your wedding colors! We have a total of 8 lights you may use, with additional lights costing $25 per light when needed.

    All colors schemes are discussed during a pre-wedding meeting to uniquely fit how they will be displayed.

    Personalized Monogram

    Project your personalized names or message onto the dancefloor, walkway, or wall with our state of the art Gobo Projector. Really amaze your guests as they walk into the room as an additional service for $270.

Dance Lessons

What We Offer

Reception Dance Lesson - Our reception dance lesson is a 20-30 minute crash course dance lesson for all of your guests at the reception. This lesson is usually done between desert and the first dance. It is the bride and groom's choice for what type of lesson is taught, but we recommend swing, country two-step, or a common line dance.

Group Dance Lessons - Join one of our group dance lessons and learn with other couples. We have classes starting in February, April, and July. If you book your DJ Service with us, the bride and groom get the group lessons for FREE, and bridal party and family get a discounted rate of $40/person for the 5 week course. Otherwise it is $45/person for the 5 week course.

Choreographed First Dance - Would you like to do more than rock back and forth for your first dance? Would you really like to amaze your guests at the reception? Sign up to have your first dance choreographed! Cost is $70/hour for cutting music, choreographing, and lessons.

Private dance lessons - With the private dance lesson you will get private lessons for just the bride and groom or add the entire wedding party.

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