Marcus Goossens


Listening to music has always been a part of everything I do.  I always have tunes playing in the background whether I'm at work, working out, relaxing, calming my son down, etc. It's easy to say that I am obsessed with music.

I grew up in two locations, north of the Twin Cities, and a small town in Wisconsin. I met my wife in the summer of 2012 and moved to Fargo, ND shortly after. Outside of DJing, I'm an electrician, father of a little boy, football fan and I enjoy "fishing in the dark".

Harmon Entertainment did our wedding reception, and it was an absolute blast! By the end of the night we had guests saying it was the best reception they had ever been to. My goal is to give my couples that same feeling when their wedding reception ends. What I"ve learned over the years of MCing is that in order for this to happen, I need to be very organized and communicate effectively during the planning process.   I recently won the Harmon Entertainment  Communication Award for those skills.  Whether it is by phone, email, text, facebook, or smoke signals, .just send me your question/comment and I will get back to you in a very timely matter.  

One of my favorite parts of MCing weddings is when the bride and groom and their family"s come up to me at the end of the night to tell me that I made their night extra special. I was fortunate enough to be a master of ceremonies to a lovely couple recently. The bride's mother had nothing but kind words to share.  Here is her review:

Wow! That about sums up the evening my daughter was married. Marcus was exceptional as our DJ for my daughter"s wedding reception. I cannot say enough about him. He communicated every detail with my husband and I before the day,  and our guests experienced the best time as we were complimented over and over about the music, the DJ and everything Marcus did to make the evening so awesome. Thank you so much for making this (as my daughter put it) the Wedding of the Year!

Thanks for reading my bio and learning a little bit more about me.  I look forward to meeting you and making your night the "Wedding of the Year!"