Johnathan Wagoner


Thanks for checking out my bio.  One thing that makes me very unique is I am a pastor.  When I'm not at the church, or behind a drum set or guitar, I am busy being an energetic college student.  

When I was five years old I can clearly remember listening to music with my mom and the song "One Voice" by Billy Gilman came on.  I fell in love with that song and started singing it any chance I could.  Just don't ask me to sing it now as it's a little out of my range.  That event is what started my absolute love of music.  From the age of 12 I have been behind a computer DJing, and now I am part of the best entertainment company in the midwest.  My favorite part about DJing is getting smiles from the people that are around me.

The greatest gift that I can receive is the happiness of others, and that is something I aspire to accomplish every day. When I am playing music, or DJing, I want to see smiles and happiness from everyone. That energy that will fill the room is something no one can forget, so if you pick me to be your DJ, I will be sure to keep that energy going!

Thank you for reading about me. I hope I get the privilege of working with you, and creating the night that you will remember always!