Shayne Kunz


I would first like to say welcome, and congratulations to you, for finding the next level of entertainment for your special day! My name is Shayne and I am very excited to see you here!

Growing up, my fondest memories have had movies, music, and or dancing involved. My Dad has been singing, drumming, and playing guitar in bands, and at church as far back as I can remember. He taught me how to listen close to each instrument doing its part to make the song reveal the story it was telling. This taught me how to really decipher what was good music, and why. When people ask me what kind of music I listen to I tell them good music, because I have found in each genre of music there are good songs, and ones I prefer to skip. If you could see the collection of music I have you would think I might have a case of multiple personalities, because of its diversity.

My Mom on the other hand is really into dancing and musical films. As a young lad, I remember staying up late watching all the classics and commenting on the dancing, and singing along as if we were there.  I personally love most of the classic movies like the Sound of Music, Newsies, and Les Miserables just because of how they used song and dance to keep the story interesting.  I'm also a huge movie fanatic, and I often communicate using song lyrics and movie quotes. Only certain people notice but its always fun when they pick up on it!

I also have a wife and two beautiful princesses under the age of 6. We have Barbie dance parties at least once a week and there is always music heard throughout the house from morning to bedtime. Whether we are cooking, cleaning, or just jamming out to some “whip & nay nay”, we love to let the good songs roll regularly.

I got involved with Harmon Entertainment after I was blessed to have witnessed Dave Harmon present something I have never even imagined at a wedding. It was the wedding of Meg and Brandon Forde, and from the beginning of dinner to the last song, it was literally like watching one guy not just "one upping" other wedding dances, but more like "five upping" any wedding I've ever been to.  I know my example sounds a bit far fetched, but two reasons why you can be sure you’re in the right place here. #1) If I didn't truly feel this way about it I wouldn't be typing this bio, and trying to do what he did for all of us that night, for you at your wedding. A solid #2) read any of the customer reviews, or talk to someone who has been to one of their wedding emcee performances. I will bet every one of them has a close story to what I explained above.

Regarding your choice to have me help with your special day, you should know that I'm "Easy like Sunday morning" to talk to, and I understand that "Every day is a winding road", but if you "Hold on for one more day", "We can be hero's" for your "Beautiful day". "If this is it" please let me know, so you can "Pump it up" and forget about feeling like your "Under pressure".

Thanks for your precious time, and I can’t wait to meet you!
Until then,"Don't stop believing"