Tom Brenner


Music has defined my life. Having a mother as your music director can have that affect. In 4th grade, my Mom, who's a saint, had me audition for the honors choir. I remember practicing  "America the Beautiful" over and over. Recording my pre-pubescent voice into a cassette recorder and playing it back.

Making the honors choir allowed for me to audition and travel with the Prarie Arts Chorale performing in theaters across the state of MN. I remember many bright lights as I sang my solo, but I mostly remember playing Pokemon on GameBoy as my reward.

Dance has also been a large part of my life. My neighbor taught tap dance, which I participated in Junior High School and High School,  performing to Back Street Boys, N'Sync and Grease Lightning. This skill has assisted me in learning group dances like The Electric Slide, Cupid Shuffle as well as many the Wobble.
In high school, I was a 3 sport athlete, but still found time for the arts like Band, Jazz Band, Choir, and Musical Theatre. I performed Gaston's sidekick Lefou in "Beauty and the Beast" and was Ren McCormick (Kevin Bacon) in "Footloose" my senior year.

Needless to say, I love the stage as well as entertaining. That's why I started DJ'ing during college. I have DJ'd over 40 weddings in my career.

I met Dave Harmon and Troy Collins while I was serving their table. The word "dip" was said numerous times as they're food was being dropped off, and I could not help but saying  "I put my hand up on my hip."  A lyric from the song "Da Dip." Both Dave and Troy's head snapped around and they laughed.  A conversation started and shortly thereafter I was an entertainer for Harmon Entertainment.

I am so proud to be a part of this company that goes that extra mile to make your wedding day extra special. I look forward to seeing you soon...