Mashup First Dance Routine

In this video you will see Carissa and Travis's first dance. They wanted to do something to really WOW their guests so they asked Dave Harmon to put this mashup routine together for them. Dave did all the sound editing for the dance and helped them perfect it. Needless to say.....they nailed it! Fast forward to around 1:15 for the really good stuff.

Be Our Guest Entrance

The "Be Our Guest" introduction is a very unique way to start dinner at your wedding reception. Your DJ will coordinate with the venue staff or outgoing guests to create a fun way to kick off dinner. Plus, most of our DJ's do the voice of the cartoon character at the beginning and some even may sing a little. Enjoy!.

Garter Dance Off

Here is one of the funniest dance off's ever! We usually do a dance off to determine the winner of the garter with Harmon Entertainment. Get ready to laugh....these guys can move!