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Couple's Trivia Questions Ideas


Where did they Meet?  Jr. High

In what year did the couple start dating? – 2013

Where is the couple’s favorite sit-down restaurant? – Spitfire

In what month did the couple get engaged? – March

What did Bryant & Courtney do on their first date?  Dinner & Movie 

Which band did Bryant and Courtney see together for the first time in concert?  Def Leppard

What was the first movie Bryant and Courtney saw together? Super Troopers 2

Where did they get engaged? Mayville golf course, hole 3 

After what recreational activity did Jonah ask Alex out? Scooter/moped ride

What was their first date? Rollerblading and ice cream

How long did the couple date before getting engaged? 15 months (1 year close enough)

At what restaurant did Jonah ask Curt (father of bride) if he could marry his daughter? Longhorn Steakhouse

Where did the couple get engaged? Carlton Peak (Duluth area)

Couples most frequented restaurant for date night? Kobe’s

How long have Jon and Carolyn been dating?  We were dating 6 years in May 2020.

What month did they get engaged?  February 2019 

Where did Bryant & Courtney get engaged?  Minneapolis 



What are the bride and grooms favorite hobbies to do together? Hunting/Fishing

What outdoor activity had Alex never done before meeting Jonah? Hunting

Which spouse played a college sport? Both. Alex – volleyball, Jonah – football (x2 spring seasons)

First concert they attended as a couple? Colter Wall

What does the couple hope to have in their future basement/garage? Home gym

Who is their favorite person to see in concert? Luke Combs


Where are they going on their mini-moon?  Washington – Snoqualime Falls

What is Bryant & Courtney’s dream vacation? Bora Bora

What countries have the bride and groom traveled to?  Norway and Mexico

Where did the couple go on their first vacation together? – Orlando, FL

Farthest trip they’ve taken together? Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Name and breed of Jon and Carolyn’s dog?  Norman, French Bulldog

What are the names of Bryant & Courtney’s dog’s?  Fred & Lucy

Who gets cuddled the most? Our dog, Pepper


What is the bride’s profession?

What field is the groom in?

What was the bride’s first job?


Who is older? Jon or Carolyn?  Jon- by 8 days

What is the groom’s eye color?  Blue/Green

In what year did the couple move into their home together? – 2017

What was the first meal Courtney cooked for Bryant? Tator tot hotdish

Which of Bryant’s many good traits first caught Courtney’s attention? His dreamy eyes

What is their favorite NFL team? Vikings 

Who is Carissa’s celebrity man crush? Chris Hemsworth 

Who is older? Alex, by ~ 1 year

Couple’s favorite dessert place? Cold Stone

Where did Haley & Grady get engaged? Seattle

What initially attracted Haley to Grady? His bootay