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Fargo Wedding Videography

Capture Your Special Day!

The Art of Video

Wouldn't it be amazing to watch your grandparent's wedding? Including Fargo wedding videography in your special day will allow you to relive the beauty and emotion of the best wedding ever, time and again!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included?

Experience full event coverage with all raw footage, a 4-6 Minute Highlight Reel summarizing your day, and a professionally edited documentary-length film encompassing formal events (ceremony, toasts, special dances). Book a pricing meeting below for further details!

How many hours are you there?

Our base package offers 6 hours of coverage, and additional hours are available for purchase upon request.

Will you travel to my wedding?

Absolutely! We travel extensively, accommodating various locations, even for overnight stays when necessary.

How will you work with my other vendors?

Harmon Films prioritizes seamless collaboration with all your vendors—photographer, DJ, officiant, etc.— ensuring coordinated and exceptional wedding coverage.

I already have a photographer, why do I need a videographer?

Imagine if you were able to watch your grandparent’s wedding as you begin to plan your own, wouldn’t that be incredible? Not just look at the photos, but to actually see and hear how their wedding was? Investing in videography preserves your wedding memories in a way photography alone can’t match, allowing you to cherish them for years to come.

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