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Adam Muske

Adam Muske's Story


Thanks for taking a minute to read about me. I grew up in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, a middle child in a family of five. I get my musical talents from my Dad, who got me my first guitar for Christmas when I was about seven years old. Ever since then I have been working with music in some way shape or form. I have seven years of classical musical experience and have been producing my own music for the last five years. Currently I go to school at NDSU for Mechanical Engineering, but don’t worry I’m not that introverted engineer that many of us have been labeled.

Being a wedding DJ is a very fun job and a great opportunity to make a huge impact on someone’s life through music. Working as a wedding DJ is a humbling experience that allows me to be a part of something so much greater than myself. I promise to always go above and beyond to make your wedding the best day possible. Recently, at a wedding I was the DJ, the venue needed some carpenter work done on the stage for the head table. I took the initiative and with some spare pieces of wood, a drill and some screws, I fixed the issue.

Thanks again for reading a little about me and I look forward to giving you the absolute best wedding reception you could ask for.