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Brenna LeMier

Brenna LeMier's Story


Hello, I’m Brenna LeMier. Thanks for taking the time to read a little about me and for considering me to be your DJ/MC on one of the biggest nights of your life!

For me, music is a fundamental part of who I am. I grew up hearing my father and brother singing at church until I was old enough to join them, and loved my music classes in grade school. My father was also a fairly active part-time DJ in my youth, and I would go along to be his helper, getting out on the dance floor and showing everyone the Chicken Dance or the Hokey Pokey. My experience in this business is lengthy!

I graduated from the University of Jamestown in May 2022 with a degree in Music Education. During my time at UJ, I participated in as many musical ensembles as I could, made my acting debut in a student-written and student-directed play, and bolstered my love of music, my love of learning, and my love of helping others; of course, all of that on top of a 20+ credit per semester course load!

I enjoy spending my free time outside, engaging with the community through my church, as well as some sporadic DIYs and crafts. When it comes to social gatherings, I find myself taking the role of planner, or “mom”; creating the Insta-worthy charcuterie board and perfect drink pairings for a get together with friends, or a game-night with family and preparing themed snacks and activities—I do my best to make sure there’s something for everyone!

I became engaged in September 2022, so the excitement (and stress) of wedding planning is something I can empathize with genuinely. Using the organizational skills I learned in my education courses and my expansive knowledge of music, you can trust that I will do everything it takes to create the most perfect wedding reception for you!

Thanks for taking the time to read a little about me and for considering me to be your DJ/MC. God bless ♡



“Brenna was fantastic! She was very efficient and organized the weeks/days leading up to the wedding/dance and high energy the day of the wedding. She had great ideas, kept in touch with everybody, very friendly & fun, and kept everybody dancing and having fun up to the last minute. I would definitely recommend her to everybody I know who needs a DJ.”

(Steve Wieers, Oct 2022)

“Harman Entertainment, and especially our DJ Brenna, made my sisters wedding reception a night we won’t soon forget. We partied like Rock Stars. Brenna kept us engaged and on our feet. The music was perfect the announcements were right on queue. The grand entrance to The Greatest Showman and serving dinner to Be Our Guest we’re definitely a hit. Great event and a great DJ. Thanks Brenna!”

(Tabatha Sullivent, Oct, 2022)