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Clint Larby

Clint Larby's Story


Well hello there!
My name is Clint and I want to thank you in advance for considering me for your big day. An honor and privilege indeed.
Right now, your head is swimming. Did I pick the right venue? Is the chicken really better than the pork? Is my future mother-in-law going to wear white on my big day? I’m kidding….sort of.
Jokes (and stress) aside, you will make an easy choice if you pick me to bring the party to your big day.
Being a native of small-town North Dakota, I still can’t think of anything better than a group of friends around a bonfire (maybe in a gravel pit) listening to great music and just hanging out having fun.
While my rural roots have given me an appreciation for the rowdy fun of a small town night, I also look forward to the sophistication and charm of well planned black-tie event. Your wedding reception can, and should be, a mix of the best of both worlds.
So how do we accomplish this? Through planning. And communication. And listening. In the words of Dane Cook, “I don’t just listen, I LISTEN.” I have been working with customers in various roles my entire career so attentiveness and thoroughness come naturally.
So choose me and let’s have some fun along the way as you make memories that will last you a lifetime.