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Collin Berry

Collin Berry's Story


Hello all!
My name is Collin, thanks for checking out my bio! I live in Fargo and grew up here too (Go Deacons!), but I got my start DJ’ing in 2004 when I was 19 and a freshman in college at Duluth, MN.  I would go to class and deliver pizzas during the week, on the weekends I would put my suit on and drive all over Minnesota and Wisconsin doing weddings.  Eventually, I wracked up over 200 shows and I found out I loved being a part of a couple’s special day, and how rewarding it is to see a dance floor packed with all kinds of people for hours.  Life was good.
Life led me away from DJ’ing after graduation, I started a family and career, but I never lost my love of having a good time at weddings.  It was easy since I have a large extended family and two cousins get married every year.  For over a decade I resisted the urge to start DJ’ing again but recently I couldn’t fight it any longer.  I gave in, built my own system, bought myself a suit, and learned the cool new dances.  Now I am back better than ever doing shows and it is still fun and rewarding to see a couple in love dancing with their friends and family on their big day.
Hope to see you soon!