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Corey Fischer

Corey Fischer's Story


The planning has begun and you are wondering how to de-stress already. Luckily, you’ve found yourself looking at Harmon Entertainment, and you happened to click on my Bio. Here I get to explain why I will happily take some of your “burden” and transform it into the most exciting wedding reception you’ve ever seen. You probably are wondering: “how will I pick one of the more integral roles in the wedding reception: the DJ?” The answer: by getting to know me, Corey Fischer.

I grew up in the suburb of Maple Grove, MN, and had dreams of seeing the rest of the world. So I started with North Dakota….(huh?). Yes, I went to UND in Grand Forks to learn to fly. As it happens though, priorities change, and 2 years into college my new goal was to stay in a city, find a girl to marry and start a family. That is still my goal today, though the path wasn’t nearly that straightforward.

In the past, I have worked as a dispatcher at FM Ambulance so you know I can multitask and go with the flow. I still teach CPR and First Aid so if someone gets hurt at your reception for partying too hard, I can take care of it. For a few years, I also helped out on the farm during harvest season so you know I have a good work ethic! I currently am working on my B.S. in Nursing, but most importantly, for you, I work for Harmon Entertainment, the best DJ service in North Dakota.

I’ve always loved weddings! What can I say, I’m a sucker for the sentimentality of a love story.  I love families coming together, and I love the energy of the dance floor!

You may be wondering “Okay, okay, but… do you have any sweet skills?” Come on….who else can dance and snowboard at the same time?! ;D (yes there is video proof). Thankfully, my parents set me on a track to learn and keep learning, like: how to be organized (mom), how to engage with people personally (dad), and a love for music (both). I joined choir and band early on in high school and played in three bands after college. In college, I learned to add structure to my sweet dancing skills with Ballroom Dance *cough cough* and Hip Hop. After college, I learned Country Swing, Country Two Step, and Line Dancing.  I also became the official hype man and “instructor” at that famous barn in Arthur, ND for a couple of years. Lastly, after emceeing and DJing countless weddings, I can say my sweet skills have only grown. I can keep your guests entertained, your mind at peace, and the memories from fading!

SO, now that you know me, it’s time for me to get to know you. Let’s get together to plan the best wedding reception EVER so that you and your guests can cut loose!

~ Corey

Check out Corey Fischer dancing