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Emerson Rice

Emerson Rice's Story


Hey, friend! I’m Emerson – a short kid with a love for music, connection, and getting people on dance floors – and I would LOVE to work and support you for your upcoming events!
Although I cried during my first choir solo when I was eight years old, I now love being on stage pumping people up during an important celebration. I don’t fear putting myself out there and trying new things, so throw any request at me! I put relationships first in my work and will make sure everyone at your event is having the best night of their life.As for my background, I’ve been playing piano and ukulele for years in my hometown of Minneapolis, and have been writing music since before I turned 10. I also own a banjo-lele (a ukulele-sized banjo), so you know people are throwing their phone numbers at me as soon as I step out my door. Throughout middle and high school, I performed in more than 20 stage productions, with my favorite roles being Willy Wonka and Peter Pan. When I got a bit older, I worked for a non-profit and traveled around the country speaking at events and working to change the way youth approach community service and leadership. I then studied Media and Community Leadership at the University of Minnesota and later moved to Moorhead. I eventually worked in documentary and local access television, and now work in the wedding industry as both a videographer and a DJ.

My MC style is one of excitement, customization, and cultural competence. I strive to make each wedding a unique experience tailored to the guests of honor’s identity, passions, accessibility needs, and event style, and will never shy away from playing whatever obscure artist you’re currently following on Spotify. It’s crucial that you feel respected, heard, and taken care of, and I’ll do my best to do that and give you the event of your dreams.

DJing for me is not just a job; it’s a lifestyle. So, if you want a new friend to support you through your big day, reach out, and we’ll face it together. I hope to talk to you soon!