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Jeremiah Streifel

Jeremiah Streifel's Story


Hey hey hey! Thank you so much for taking the time to read about me and consider me to make the most special day of your life the best it can possibly be. My name is Jeremiah Streifel (don’t worry you’re not the first one to mispronounce it). For as long as I can remember music has always had a strong impact on my everyday life. I find myself doing whatever it takes to incorporate music into my life daily. Whether it’s throwing a Dance Party in my living room for my two kids, trying to find a new song to show my friends and family, or enjoying a night of karaoke with family and friends, music plays a huge role in my everyday life.

I did the majority of my growing up in a small town in North Dakota where there wasn’t much to do other than get a group of buddies together and go find somewhere to party (where I was the one controlling the aux cord). I am beyond grateful for that “boring” small town life because it is the reason I met my wife in 2015. Fast forward to the present and we are now happily married and have 2 kids and 2 dogs and are happy to call the “big” town of Fargo home.

Me and my wife were engaged for 3 years before we finally got to say those two magical words. When the time finally came to start planning and executing said plans, we made the bold choice to do it all on our own. It came with many challenges and lots of stress that now as I look back, could have been avoided if I would have hired a Harmon DJ/MC.  For your wedding I’d love to shoulder some of the stress and challenges that planning will bring. Together we can make sure that your big day is full of very little stress, laughter, dancing, and memories that you and your guests will talk about for a lifetime.