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Lief Rasmussen

Lief Rasmussen's Story


For many people, their wedding reception is the biggest party they will every throw. My goal is to make it the best party they’ve ever thrown!

Hi! My name is Lief Rasmussen, which is actually pronounced “life” as in… I hope you’re ready to have the party of your life!

A little about me, I come from a big family, which has given me a passion for hosting large groups of friends and families. I believe people make the memories, but someone has to do the work of bringing the best out of them. One of my favorite things is getting people together to make memories. Knowing how to create the perfect atmosphere with humor and music can allow these memories to be relived for a lifetime.

Outside of hosting weddings and throwing parties, my friends will find me working on restoring the fine details of my Victorian home (in downtown Fargo) and running marathons. Similar to the weddings I emcee, I enjoy planning, training, and spending time on the details that can make all the difference.

One of my favorite quotes is “collect memories, not things.” It’s why I’m in this business. I would consider it a great pleasure to be a part of your biggest day! My promise is to give my best, so that you can focus on each other!

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“Lief from Harmon Entertainment was our DJ/MC and he was truly a life saver. He made the entire process seamless and easy and incredible. Highly highly recommend Harmon Entertainment – they are incredible!”

(Annie Laughlin, Aug 2022)

“Lief was my DJ and he did a wonderful job! All my guests complimented me on my entertainment saying it was the highlight of the evening. Very organized and informative, I would highly recommend him to everyone who’s looking for an outstanding crowd pleaser!”

(Chloe Rasmussen, Oct 2021)