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Michael Eback

Michael Eback's Story


From as far back as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a musician. Since I could walk and talk, I would stroll around the house singing made up songs for the entertainment of my family, or just for myself. That passion for music and entertainment only grew throughout the years into adulthood. Now I consider myself a student of several music styles and love searching for ways to expand my music taste.

My name is Michael Eback, and I’ve been writing and producing music for at least a decade now. My musical journey has also guided me to pursue several other artistic avenues throughout the years. Since middle school, I played in orchestra, sang in choir, and acted in theater. I always bring my all to every performance!

My love for entertainment lead to me working at West Acres Movie Theater in Fargo, where I met my best friend! She and I got married in 2019. We decided to take on all of the planning, so I am very familiar with the stress that planning a wedding can bring. I would love to help carry the load to make your big day your best day!

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