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Nathan Kaiser

Nathan Kaiser's Story


My love for music started when I was about eight years old. I remember my Grandpa playing accordion for my family and me. I remember being mesmerized about how he could play all of these different songs on one instrument. Right then and there I wanted to play, what I thought was anyways, the coolest instrument ever, the accordion. My parents said that before I could play the accordion I had to start on the piano. As I got older I found out that the accordion may not be the world’s coolest instrument anymore but I still had that passion to play music. I was in orchestra all through school playing the string bass and also taught myself other instruments like the guitar and ukulele.

Right around the time I graduated high school I realized that I love to be in front of audiences. I love to perform, make people laugh, and give people moments to remember. My daily goals are to leave an impression on everyone that I meet and to put myself out of my comfort zone every day.

If you choose me to be your MC and DJ, you will find I am easy going and take last minute changes well. I am punctual and organized, and above all I am here to work with you to give you a truly spectacular wedding reception.
Currently I am a financial advisor and work for the FM Acro team as their sound guy. I have been in stadiums all across the United States playing music for their routines and loving every minute of it.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me, and I would thoroughly enjoy to learn a little about you.

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