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Peter Zappe

Peter Zappe's Story


My life is enveloped in music, lyrics, and poetry. In this world there are few things that bring us together in the way that rhythm and sound do. Working with Harmon Entertainment is a golden opportunity for me to share my love and passion for music with you, as you embark on your life journey with each other. I appreciate the time we will share as we develop the perfect plan to create an unforgettable night filled with the sounds of music, laughter, and concessions of love.

So, I’m Peat! your approachable, sociable, and unreservedly humorous wedding MC.

A transplant to North Dakota, I come to you from the charming Salt Lake City. Growing up I developed a passion for music before elementary school. The youngest of 6 biological and 5 adopted children, I would sit for hours at a time going through stacks of my older siblings and fathers records by the time I was 3. In my youth I taught myself to play piano, guitar, saxophone, and clarinet. I also sang in my high school’s performance choir and Jazz ensemble.

As much as I do love music, I am equally passionate about poetry, recreation and advocacy work. In the summer I am an avid adventurer, kayaker, Yogi, and jester of my social circle. In the winter I volunteer my time as a snowboard instructor at the Bottineau Winter park and the Special Olympics likewise. I also enjoy brushing up on my instrument playing, poetry writing, and watching college football in the winter!!! GO Utes!! 🙂

I am elated to be a part of your celebration and assist you, your family, and your guests in having a momentous evening of love and togetherness. Thank You so much for allowing Harmon Entertainment and I to be a fun-loving memory in your wedding/reception.